How This Business is Surviving The Pandemic

How This Business is Surviving The Pandemic

Amidst the pandemic we turned 5!

It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has been disastrous for many industries, in particular it has hit the service, food, drink, and hospitality industries really hard.  Since the virus started earlier this year, it seems like we have gotten little relief, or hope, that things will go back to normal any time soon. 

Amidst all the COVID-19 chaos, our little family restaurant turned 5!  We have been at our current location for 5 years!  In this post, we will tell you our story, how the pandemic has affected us, and how our business is surviving the pandemic.

Our Story: The Beginning

As is appropriate with every story, we have to start at the very beginning.  Our story begins way before we opened up our first location, it actually starts a few decades before.  The man behind the recipes, my dad, used to work at a popular barbecue restaurant chain in the 90s and most of the early 2000s. 

When the Great Recession struck, the popular barbecue restaurant chain shut down most of their locations, including the location where my dad worked.  After working at other restaurants, my dad decided to reinvent himself, and after catching the entrepreneurial bug, decided to go into business for himself.  He decided to create his own recipes from his decades of knowledge and started doing small catering events, until a few years later, when he opened up our first restaurant.

Our little family bbq restaurant, nestled near the Bishop Arts area of Oak Cliff, started only a block away from our current location back in 2012.  We started our restaurant like everyone else starts their business: full of hope and dreams, dreams as big as this country.  However, if you are familiar with business principles, you know that dreams can only take you so far, and so after only a couple of years at our first location, we closed our doors.

Closing our doors didn’t mean our dream was finished.  Being a family of entrepreneurs, and most importantly, a tight-knight family that supports one another, we decided to come together and create a strategy that would allow us to open our doors again.  We do live in a country, where thankfully, hard work pays off and dreams are possible!  And pay off it did! 

There are several reasons why businesses fail within their first five years, but the most important one is LOCATION!  Taking into consideration location, more market research, more careful planning, and a lot more careful budgeting, we were able to open our doors again in summer of 2015 as a family!

Our Story: The Last 5 Years

Our current location sits in the newly developed Jefferson Tower block, right across the street from the historic Texas Theatre.  Location really is everything!  We seemed to have found our home among several other businesses on a main road, whereas before, we were hidden behind another store on a side street.  We have grown over the past 5 years and have seen our customer base grow.  We have our regulars and also people from everywhere coming to eat at our restaurant.

Before we reopened we wanted to make sure that our mission was at the forefront of everything we did, the research, the planning, the budgeting.  Our philosophy is that when you walk through the door you are welcomed and become part of our family for the time you are in our restaurant eating your meal. 

Or if it is take out, know that we prepared your food with care as if it was meant for one of our family members.  It is not uncommon to see my dad come out and talk to guests to make sure the meals were prepared to their liking.  He is proud of what he does and wants to make sure everyone enjoys their food.

The feeling we want everyone to have when eating our food is that of warmth and enjoyment, that is why we have named our blog Meat At The Table.  Meat At The Table is meant to invite everyone to join us at our restaurant for tasty food, meat or anything else on the menu, and feel a part of our family while joining us for a meal. 

Nothing brings people closer and lets your guard down as sitting down together around food at a table.  Food is comfort.  Food is warmth.  Food is magical.  Food ignites all of your senses and that is something that we strive to achieve with each dish we serve.

With our food, with our restaurant, and now with this blog – Meat At The Table – we invite you to our table for a meal, to sit with us and be part of our family.  We consider some of our regular guests friends, and some very special ones, even family.  We are part of our community and want to invite everyone to join us and feel part of our family every time you visit us.

Surviving COVID-19

This year we celebrated 5 years at our current location! 5 years with new friends and new (adopted family members).  We have met many wonderful people and have served many dishes.  Unfortunatly, COVID-19 put a damper on our celebrations. 

Instead of celebrating, we are taking precautions to make sure our restaurant is clean if you choose to dine in.  We are taking precautions to make sure we stay healthy so that we can continue to serve you – our community.  Instead of celebrating, we are tracking city, state, and national resources to make sure we have the most up to date information regarding food and food service safety during this time.  We are doing all of this with pleasure because we think of everyone that calls in for a meal as family and we want everyone to be safe.

This year has definitely been the toughest one, we had to close a couple of weeks when the pandemic first started in order to figure things out and come up with a plan that would ensure everyone’s safety.  It is unfortunate that a lot business have closed, even long established businesses with a lot more resources than ours. 

So, how have we managed to survive the pandemic so far?  Things definitely have not been easy.  My family and I are fortunate enough to be able to rely on each other as a family unit and play on our individual strengths. 

We have also watched our money very closely, budgeting is key!  Not spending on things we don’t need, sticking to our costs closely and not straying from our monthly budget has really helped us survive the pandemic.  Though we are not thriving and just hanging on, like so many other businesses, we are just trying to survive until things get back to normal. 

The Road To The Future

Our road to where we are has not been easy, and has been full of ups and downs over the past 8 years.  Things this year have definitely not been the same, and nowhere near where they should be, and we certainly miss seeing our friends, but we know that everyone’s safety is more important. 

Our family, and our restaurant, is just like everyone else out there, just trying to survive the pandemic and wait things out until everything gets back to normal.  We will do our best as a family to continue supporting each other and doing our best budgeting to make sure that our doors are open to greet you all when it is safe to do so and Meat At The Table at JD’s BBQ & jds bbq grillGrill as part of our family.

How You Can Help

We cannot survive on our own.  As part of a community, we need the community to make sure that our doors are open when things get back to normal.  There are several ways you can help us, and other small businesses in your communities, if you are able to.

In our case, you can help us in the following ways:

  • If you are local to the Bishop Arts or the Oak Cliff area, place an order for pickup, or curbside delivery by calling us at 214-377-8775.
  • If you are local and cannot come pick up your meal, order from us through UberEats for delivery by clicking here.
  • If you are having a safe and socially distanced holiday season gathering starting this Thanksgiving, order catering from us for your small party or gathering by sending us an email at
  • If you want a small socially distanced break from your routine, you can come visit us anytime and dine in as long as we are not at the allowed capacity, you can find our address on our website.

Any way you can help will be greatly appreciated while we work to survive the pandemic along with all of you.  I hope everyone stays healthy and safe during these uncertain times.  The only way we are going to make it out of this is together, as a family, as a community, as friends supporting each other.

We look forward to seeing every one of you soon, whether to pick up a meal, or interacting with us in one of our social medias.  If you liked this post, leave a comment.  Tell us how you are doing and how you are staying healthy during this pandemic. 

I will see you all next week, in another post, until then, stay safe and healthy and supporting each other.



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